The Importance of Graphic Design

Graphic Design is all around us in our society.  It is what drives advertising, attracts us to brands and makes public settings enjoyable or “hard on the eyes”.  With this being said, it is no wonder why Graphic Design is so important to our everyday lives.  As times and styles change, the socially acceptable elements of Graphic Design change.

Lets look at some examples of changing design.

In the 1970′s there was a lot of design being done with flowers and Earth Tones.  This was due to the state of our society being in the “Hippy” era.  Designs were Psychedelic and crazy with floral patterns and fun shapes.

In the 1980′s we found the masses being attracted to bright neon colors and a sort of robotic feel.  This was most likely due to the advent of computers and the emergence of technology.

The 1990′s brought us a sort of transition phase to where we are now.  I personally cannot think of any defined style or relevance of the 1990′s but it was probably in anticipation of the new millennium.

In this dawn of the new century we have a new style that is prevalent all around us.  This is sort of a minimalistic, yet bold approach to design.  Quite a few ads and designs are not much more than well placed images with a couple splashes of text and a logo.  This style has been driving Websites, print ad campaigns and outdoor media for quite a few years now.

No matter what style of design an individual likes, if they are a designer, they still have to follow some basic elements of the trends around them.  Adopting parts of various styles will make a design unique, but making sure it appeals to the masses is what will make the design successful.

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